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Effective January 1, 2011, any puppy purchase made only in the
state of Iowa
, is subject to p
ay an additional 7% state sales tax.




Quality Not Quantity



Hello and Welcome to Sands Enterprises, where
we strive to dowaggingtail.gifget the best looking Chihuahuas,
Biewer Yorkies and Yorkshire Terriers to carry
on the true breed! Sands Enterprises welcomes
you to take a look around our site and
come back periodically for availability
and updates.





Sands Enterprises specializes only in Chihuahuas and
Yorkies, "your Traditional, Biewer and Partis".
Sands Enterprises specializes in Quality Not Quantity! Our
Chihuahuas and Yorkies, "your Traditional, Biewer and Partis"
are selectively chosen to meet up to the AKC standards, to
produce the ultimate true looking purebred look of
what the puppies are suppose to look like in conformation.

Sands Enterprises strives to produce healthy, gorgous,
breath taking puppies. Our mission is to provide each and
every one of our puppies the special attention and care
they deserve until they are adopted out into their
new permanent homes. Along with the role of our children
our puppies are well-socialized before entering their
new homes.

Sands Enterprises has devoted many years in, increasing
the quality of life and health in our puppies. We strive to
breed for health, conformation and temperment! We always
try to breed the best to the best! A healthy, clean, nicely
groomed and a happy puppy is our #1 goal! We believe if
we make our puppies our first concern, then everything else
will fall into place when adopting out with families.

Sands Enterprises is soley committed to pertaining strict
requirements on handling and caring for our adorable little
puppies that we have for sale here in Iowa. Sands Enterprises
is NOT a puppy mill. We are a family owned business, fully
licensed with the United States Department of Agriculture,
(USDA) and licensed with the State of Iowa. We are
also members with the Iowa Pet Breeders Association
and Purina Canine Research.

Our puppies, if not leaving here as pets, will either be registered
with the following registries.... AKC, APRI or IBC. We also
do ship within the United States, sometimes World Wide,
depending on the circumstances. All of our puppies carry a year
 health guarantee, explained in the contract when purchasing.

If you are considering on adopting one of our puppies from
Sands Enterprises, we highly suggest you do all the research
on the breeds
we offer, Chihuahuas and our yorkies, "your
Traditional, Biewer and Partis" before purchasing. When
purchasing our puppies, we want to make sure, this is
what you really want, the breed you so desire before
placing in your home. Remember, this is a lifetime
These puppies are our family's life.
They are just like our own children and we hope this
is the same to everyone who is adopting our puppies!
They come first, right along with our children! Always
remember that all puppies of any breed are just
like children with fur. They are not toys, to be played
with for a few days and then thrown off to the
side to be ignored! Sands Enterprises always strive to
make our customers, leave here  when adopting our
puppies, with one of the most pleasant
experiences to remember! Thank you all for making
this all so much fun for us!

And last but not least, Sands Enterprises, will always
carry a lifetime support on all of our puppies! When in
question, with any thing,  please feel free to call us
anytime 24/7 on our Chihuahuas and Yorkies
"Biewers, Partis and our Traditionals" with any
questions, concerns or just simply comments!
We wish you all the best experience when adopting
our puppies!






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Thank you for visiting our website. Please email us at or call us anytime at 319-330-0903 for questions, comments or adoptions